Bench Mark of Adhithya Public School

Welcome to Adhithya Public School (APS), a world class school in Chennai that aims at setting a benchmark for progressive and holistic education in India. At (APS), learning becomes fun through various interactive sessions and activities. Our school follows CBSE curriculum that makes use of modern teaching methodologies achieved through smart classrooms and labs with in-built audio-visual systems.

Our school focuses individually on each child’s strengths and brings out the best in a child and contributes to the final objective i.e. making him/her a confident and successful individual in the society. APS accepts your child and takes on his/her academic development along with personality development and orientation right from Kindergarten onwards.

Our school has a lively environment with supportive teaching and non-teaching staff to attend every child. Each child is encouraged in his or her course of work ranging from lessons in the classrooms to activities outside. Every child is focused upon with equal regards and corrective measures taken, if required. At Adhithya Public School, we celebrate the wonder and awe of childhood as a trace of God.

Latest News
    • We have enabled E-Hand Book for the year 2024-25
    • ADHITHYA has achieved a 100% Pass Rate in X Std Board Examination 2023-24
    • SENIOR SECONDARY AFFILIATION : We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards Academic excellence. Adhithya Public School has officially attained Senior Secondary Affiliation! After rigorous efforts and unwavering commitment from our faculty, staff, students, and supportive community, we have successfully secured affiliation for Senior Secondary Education. This accomplishment not only reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive educational opportunities but also signifies a new chapter in our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped for the challenges of higher education and beyond. With this affiliation, we are now poised to offer a wider range of courses and Academic pathways, empowering our students to pursue their passions and achieve their full potential. Our curriculum will continue to emphasize holistic development, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills necessary for success in the modern world. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this achievement, including our students for their hard work, parents for their unwavering support, and staff for their dedication and expertise. As we embark on this exciting new phase, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence in education and look forward to the continued growth and success of our students. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our enhanced senior secondary program and prepare our students for a future filled with promise and opportunity.
    • Welcome back to APS family😎. We hope you had a rejuvenating break and ready for an exciting 🤩 New Academic Year 2024-25✨. Mark your calendars!📣 Get ready to embark on a new academic journey as school reopens its doors on April 8th!🎊"
    • Waves of Awareness, Oceans of Change!🧐🐋 The "Lake on Wheels" is a unique platform intended to educate and sensitize the public on the importance of preserving our water resources and inspire volunteer participation. We got an opportunity to welcome the mobile hub of the Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I.) in Adhithya Public school and conducted the awareness program to our students on 12th January 2024.The volunteers Mr.Siva S Babu and Mr. Sri Krishan educated the students about the importance of water conservation and the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems.🐬🐙🦢 The Lake on Wheels Awareness program not only focused on the ecological aspects but also highlighted the impact of human activities on water bodies.The volunteers explained the social issues in detail with visual representation that created a soul stirring impact on students. 😊😇
    • Adhithians seized their Overall Trophy at the Cultural Extravaganza🤩😎🥳
    • Bagged Overall Championship at Mohammed Sathak College of Engineering on 11th January 2024! A spectacular showcase of creativity and talent from Adhithians!😎🤩🤗 Our students got an opportunity to participate in ALGORHYTHM 2k24, a state-level inter school cultural and sports competition held at Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Engineering on 11.01.2024. Students from different schools and colleges enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to showcase their talents. Amidst the vibrant and competitive atmosphere of the event, our Adhithians have heaped the medals in varied streams and seized the Top Honour of winning the Overall Championship Trophy with the cash prize of Rs. 10,000.🎉🏆🥇🥈🏅 Applause and cheers echoed through the venue, creating an electric atmosphere. The feeling of elation and accomplishment was indescribable when our team was declared the winner of the cultural fest. The cheers from the audience, the congratulatory embraces, and the sense of unity in that moment made the victory all the more significant. ☺🥳 Participating and winning the cultural fest was not merely about securing a trophy; it was a journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and celebration for our Adhithians.😊😉
    • APS CLAIMS THEIR OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY IN THE 4TH STATE LEVEL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP - 2024🏆🤩 TURN SHITO RYU KARATE ASSOCIATION organized STATE LEVEL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP🥋 on 7th January 2024 at Thiruvengadamangalam Community Hall, Chennai. 14 students were trained by the Skilled Karate instructor Mr. Rajesh.🤠 On the tournament grounds, amidst a flurry of action and intensity, Adhithians showcased a mastery of technique that left the spectators in awe. Their swift movements were a ballet of controlled power. 🥇🥈🥉🏆Golden, silver and bronze trophies were bagged along with the Overall Championship Trophy😎🥳. Adhithians were greeted by a chorus of applause and admiration as they stepped on stage one by one to receive their Trophies. The hushed tones of the announcer echoed through the hall, narrating the remarkable journey and achievements of Adhithya Public School.🤗🤩 As the cheers echoed through the halls and corridors, a sense of pride and jubilation enveloped the entire institution.
    • A Bunch of victory stories from the Sports SQUAD OF APS!🤗🏆 Students of Aps got an opportunity to participate in the Table Tennis Tournament 🏓held at Decathalon Sports, Ramee Mall, Teynampet on 01.10.2023. Amidst the crowd of valiant players , our sports squad exhibited their talents brilliantly. The students were trained by the experienced coach “Mr. Marvell Ricky” who guided the players to master the skillful tactics in the game. The students were able to display their sportsmanship in the crowd of competitors.🎊 Each move of the players created a history and attracted the audience’s claps. At the end of the day, the fruits of success by our team gave a golden glow while raising our glittering trophy.🥇🥈🥉🏆😎
    • 😎CLASSIC GAME PLAYED IN A ROYAL MODE BY APS SPORTS SQUAD🤩 Students of APS represented Chennai District in the State Level Championship organized by Kanyakumari Floorball Association.🏌️‍♂️ The tournament was bounded by 24 districts and nearly 800 competitors stepped into the sports arena. Initially Our sports squad was one among the participants but towards the peak hours we were the one to be honored with medals and trophy🏒🥉🏆. The breathtaking performance under the guidance of student-focused coach “Mr. Mahath Nambiar” paved way to an awesome joy-filled victory. Master Mohammad Yaseen🎖🏆 stood proud by his astonishing performance and secured the title “Man of the Tournament” by striking 22 goals🏒 and Master Monish received the Best Goal-keeper Award for his impeccable goalkeeping skills.🧤🎊 To add to this joy, we were sent home with another rejoicing news for the dedication towards the game. Few of our students were selected to represent our state team in the upcoming Nationals.🎉✨🥰
    • 😀 😊The best trips are measured by togetherness rather than miles!🤩 One such trip was arranged by Adhithya Public Schoolfor the students of grade 3-9. 🥰The announcement captivated the students and we viewed the radiant spark of joy amidst the students. Everybody’s speech balloons printed the same words as “when are we leaving to Queen’s Land?”🎈🎉 The wished moment arrived on 09/09/2023. The students stepped into the bus and began the journey with the guidance of the teachers.🧐 Happiness has a very distinct scent. The fresh air, student’s melody, teacher’s rhythmic claps and the smooth travel lead to a great start.🎊🚍 Experience outside the classroom leaves a great mark in the minds of students.🦚🌿 Outdoor learning creates a long lasting impact for the students. The outcome was fabulous, we witnessed student’s generosity , humbleness, respect and joy twined with good attitude. The way they carried out the school’s outlook spoke pages about the nurture of the students.👯‍♀️👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼 An unscripted day turned into a beautiful script holding memorable moments. Yes, it was really an exhilarating experience for all of us!🥰🤗
    • 😍😎Magnificent treat to our little buds of Adhithya Public School A full day coated like cotton Candy!🥰🤩 The utmost wish a child can hold at young age is to have fun and taste cotton candies along with the friends.🥳 We planned to fulfil and give enriching school memories to our students.🎈 The announcement about the trip banged the students’ heart in thrill and the charming smile filled the air. The students were taken to MGM, Chennai on 08/09/2023 soon after the end of their exams. 🤗🤪 The school trips are really amazing and trip to amusement park is really a day of amazement. 🚌With morning melodies the bus started from the school and reached the destination by 10. The feet of the students pumped up in joy.🤩 The changeover of the teachers to accelerate the student’s interest is appreciable. 🧐The vigilant care and unbounding joy exhibited by the teachers to equalize with the high spirits of the students got twined to make the day more memorable.💃👯‍♀️ Time just flew and we didn’t even realise that it was 4pm in the evening. We hurriedly packed our bags and the school bus took the students back to school safely.🚎🎉 It was another beautiful day added to the calendar of our school!!!!✨😊
    • Teachers don’t watch the clock to carry out their duties instead they spend most of their time in shaping the minds of future generation. Gleneagles Global Health City, a leading multi-specialty quaternary healthcare centre in Chennai, felicitated 150 teachers from 50 schools in and around Chennai for their contribution to society. As part of the ‘Guru Devo Bhava’ initiative, the hospital felicitated teachers as ‘knowledge champions’ and presented them with a memento. The teachers of Adhithya Public School have always been the strength of pride and honour to the advancement and glory of education. To add to this, three professionals Mrs Malathi of Tamil Department, Mrs Oviyasubalakshmi of English department and Ms Sandhya of Science Department were nominated to receive the ‘The Best Teacher Award 2023’ on 09.09.2023 in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai.
    • 🥇🥈🥉Once a champion, always a champion.🏆🏆🏆 Our Adhithians has done an exceptional feat again! It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our school has secured the overall championship in Tamil Nadu State Level Inter school Athletics Meet held at Thandalam on 26th August, Saturday. Adhithians hard work has paid off, the final outcome is much sweeter. Every ounce of sweat on the ground doubled the ounce of joy when the scoreboard was filled with names of Adhithians in every athletic event. We are proud of our Adhithians and congratulate them for their stupendous performance 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    • Eureka! Heroic Deed of our Adhithians!!! “Crown your dreams with the count of your wins” Rapt with joy to announce our back-to-back steady achievement made by our students in the consequent meets at sports. Today, (19.08.2023)TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT was held at "VIN WIN TABLE TENNIS ACADEMY”, Ayanavaram, turned into a real coup amidst the crowd of participants from various schools and academies. Our Adhitians have exhibited their stupendous skill by placing numerous medals and shone as big shots of the event with their OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY(SINGLES).
    • We are delighted to share the delightful news that fills us with immense pride and joy. Our students had the privilege to participate in the Inter-School Athletic Meet 2023, organized by Crescent Institute of Science and Technology on Saturday, 29th July 2023. Our Adhithians outstanding performances and remarkable talents have brought glory to our school as they clinched numerous medals across various categories. We are elated to share the news that our Adhithians have brought Laurels to the school by winning the "Overall Championship Trophy" and "Best Performing School Award".
    • 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 Dear Parents, "There is nothing sweeter than the success that comes from hard work". And we would like to enjoy every moment of it by sharing with you. We are elated to share the news that, our Adhithians have brought Laurels to the school by winning the "Overall Championship Trophy" and "Best Performing School Award" in the "Interschool Athletic Meet" held at Ramachandra Medical College, Porur on 01.07.2023 Saturday. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
    • SCIENCE CLUB INAGURATION: SCIENCE CLUB INAUGURATION: Students of APS inaugurated science club in the name of “HELIO SCIENCE CLUB”, affiliated to VIgyan Prasar NETwork of Science Clubs (VIPNET), Government of India at Adhithya Public school assembly square. Dr.D.Inbakandan, the chief guest inaugurated the science club, along with the captain and Vice-captain of the science club for the academic year 2023-2024.The chief guest Dr. D. INBAKANDAN, Scientist- F rendered a motivational speech and insisted on the importance of having a science club and the club based activities in our school.

Mr. R. Annadurai, the Founder & Chairman of APS was always being the bastion of our APS family. It was with his encouragement and the dream of our correspondent who shaped and developed the wings to soar high. Being the epitome of Adhithya Educational and Charitable Trust member, he provided the unstinting support and served as the pillar of strength during the phase of development of this prestigious institution. His strong presence guides and enthuses us to move towards our vision.



APS is led by our Principal, Mrs. N. Alagukarasi and her core team which has highly competent, experienced educators and childcare specialists. These influencers have combined their strengths to ensure that your child receives nothing but the highest quality of academic mentoring, focused guidance and enriched all - round development.

An eminent and committed educationist, Mrs. N Alagukarasi has over two decades of experience in the education field. She truly believes in imparting holistic education and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills throughout her career. She believes in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to strive, to understand and to improve the educational process using team strategies only in centering on student achievement. As a mentor to both student and staff, she has been instrumental in shaping many minds and has won lots of appreciation and touched the hearts with her humane.

Smt. N. ALAGUKARASI, M.Com., M.Phil., B.A. Eng. (Lit.), B.Ed.,
Correspondent & Principal


Mr. N. Athi Arasan, the lead torchbearer of Adhithya Public School has always been our inconspicuous pillar of support since his induction into APS. He continues to be the driving force behind all the notable milestones of this esteemed institution. With more than 26 years of prolific experience in the arena of Administration and Management, he sets the standards of our performance with others wish to emulate. A staunch believer of exponential excellence he sets higher goals year after year so that the Adhithya Public School is ever progressing.